About Land Uniforms

Land Uniforms has been proudly serving the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area since 1976. We offer a full selection of name brand uniforms, shoes, hosiery, socks, scissors, instruments, and choir robes. Choir robes must be special ordered as they require measurements and customized colors and styles. Please call for an appointment to order robes as we do not stock them.

Land Uniforms was started in 1976 by Helen Land. Mrs. Land worked as a manager and outside salesperson for another uniform company for more than 17 years. On Friday March 12, 1976 Mrs. Land was informed by her employer that their company was no longer going to manufacture any merchandise. Mrs. Land, in her journal, described this as being "Doomsday" for her. Mrs. Land's next entry is two days later, Sunday the 14th. She writes "Felt better, decided to go into business for myself. Started looking for a store."

On March 16th, space was leased just two days after she decided to open her own store. Just four days after what she called her "Doomsday" Mrs. Land had totally rebounded and would start Land Uniforms, a business that continues to flourish today.